Site Plan

Site Plan

Our site plan: We will build eleven cottages (800-1500 square feet), a common house for get-togethers and guest space, a shared workshop, and two banks of garages. We have purchased a 1.4 acre property within the city limits that is ideal for the arrangement of our homes and other structures. The land is located in a very desirable residential neighborhood on the “east hill” section of Silverton, within a mile of the historic downtown.

We plan to have parking and garages at both the southwest and northeast corners of the property so that all cottages will have convenient access to their assigned garage space and extra parking spaces. Each garage will also include a personal storage area.

Our shared activity building, “the Hub,” will be located on the east side of the site, and include a large gathering room, a residential type kitchen, a library area, a large verandah facing the meandering walkway, and a terrace nestled under the upper oak grove. Our intent is that the shared building be a center of activity for our community.

Another feature will be an engineered water detention system where stormwater will be retained and then pumped to the upper part of the property so it can be used for gravity fed watering of our landscaping. There will be extensive gardens; both edibles and natives. Our hope is to utilize solar power for some of our energy needs, if feasible. In the future we would like to add amenities such as a hot tub and sauna.

We plan to use pervious materials for all of our paths and as much of our driving surface as possible.


  • Total of 11 cottages: 10 of the cottages will have a dedicated garage space. There will be 11 shared parking spaces.
  • Common house with front porch, rear verandah & south side terrace under the oaks
  • There will be a guest room and bath in the common house, for visitors
  • ADA compliance and wheelchair accessibility
  • Parking areas and pathways will be of permeable materials
  • A workshop will be housed near one of the garage buildings
  • All trees shown are mature Oregon white oaks that are being preserved, with upper and lower groves being used as outdoor common space
  • Rainwater collection system for drip irrigation
  • Edible landscaping: Produce garden and fruit trees
  • Native Oregon woodland landscape


  • Large front porches
  • Private side yards
  • Cottages are “nested” to provide light and cross ventilation for each home, while providing visual privacy. This is achieved by having high windows on the walls facing the neighboring yard
  • Rainwater collection
  • Optional rooftop PV and thermal solar systems